Jean Fillioux Single Cask tasting and Marthe Cognac Discovery

Dear Epicureans,

In December 2007, I finally had a chance to take some time to go back to Jean Fillioux cognac house in Charente county after a long trip in Asia right in the heart of Grande Champagne vineyards.

At the end of the morning, we finished our discussion by a great tasting with Pascal Fillioux (Fourth Generation, see picture below).

We began with Cask N°76 which was in a certain way corresponding to the vintage year 1976. I should say great nose, fine in the mouth and with a very nice finish at the end, a typical Grande Champagne cognac (see below).

Then, just followed by the cask N°70, just to compare if they were any difference noticeable in between two cognacs from the 70’s (right side).
Imagine a second, the bottle was n°523 of 540 bottles, you can still tell master blender or head taster is capable to maintain and to reveal the same extreme finesse with a long after-taste to each one.

Well, we just had a wonderful family’s lunch with Mrs.Monique Fillioux and their son Christophe. And, early afternoon I had the privelege to taste Cognac Marthe collection(see below) which is also owned by Pascal Fillioux. The history from this cognac, it is a lovely story. But, to make it short the cognac was made for Mrs. Marthe Chevrolet (yes, the famous car dealer Chevrolet) who falled in love with Cognac region end of nineteen century and decided to establish herself with a Fillioux family member.

The range is for connoisseur and for artist because each color will remind you the palette of a painter. The “Aquarelle” XO (average 18 years old, Grande Champagne cognac 100%) in blue on left side, center “Fauve” Extra (average 23 years old, Grande Champagne cognac 100%) and “Sepia” Very Rare (average 30 years old and in limited quantities, Grande Champagne cognac 100%). This cognac is sold to key accounts in duty paid in Europe and in United States and also in some Duty Free chains. You will be very surprised by this quality cognac.

I would like to thank you for your warm welcome and to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Great finish for this end of the year with a glass of Reserve Familiale and a great cuban cigar!


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