Education about Gelas armagnac in Macau

Hello Students of Macau Culinary School,

Its was a great honor to share with all of you the knowledge about armagnac and more precised Gelas armagnac house. Thanks Raymond again for the setting!

Gelas seminar


What is Armagnac?


Great sharing moment


Gelas tasting 18 years old, 25 years old and 1982 vintage!


Philippe Gelas

Thank you so much for hosting us. All the best, MFM


Gelas armagnac owner visit/Macau

Dear Armagnac Connoisseur’s of Macau,

Second home is Macau for me, I love this town and country…I am always to see my friends Paul, Sarah, Mildred, Don and many more. It was such a pleasure to bring over Philippe Gelas to show him this way of living… We started by a Private Party & Tasting of Gelas Armagnac:

The Gelas Tasting: 1961, 1964, 1982, 40 years old, 25 years old and 18 years old


Don, Paul and Michel


The Connoisseur connection


Gelas atmosphere!

and the final speech!Merci for everything as it was a marvellous evening! MFM



Gelas armagnac owner visit/Hong Kong

Dear Armagnac Lovers,

Hong Kong is great scene and so closed to New York in a way…Our armagnac Gelas is getting there step by step. We started by a seminar with Philippe Gélas…

Serena and her HK Team for Gelas seminar!


Private view @ top building in Hong Kong


Thanks again for your warm welcome. All the best, MFM

Gelas Armagnac owner visit/Mainland China

Dear Armagnac Connoisseurs,

It is a great pleasure to visit always Shanghai and see friends with Philippe Gélas and create a new atmosphere around armagnac education:

Jenny and her Shanghai team


Samantha @ her private club


Philippe, Ken and I with Pudong scene


Thanks again for your kindness and Santé! MFM