New Product:”Vintage 1953″-Jean Fillioux Cognac

Welcome to La Pouyade domain! Dear Friends,
Pascal Fillioux, head taster of Jean Fillioux cognac has decided to present his new baby “Vintage 1953” from his own treseary cellar. Of course, it is a limited edition.

Description and tasting notes:

“Perched on high to reach for the sky” could be the translation of words written below the majectic cockerel on the family’s coat of arms. It is a fine, noble motto that defines our past, our history and our traditions. “Take the high ground to see far” would be fit “La Pouyade”, our lovely state that has been in the family since 1894. It is a perched at the top of the hill where our handsome manor house overlooks our magnificient vineyard standing in the heart of the Grand Champagne Cognac.
If Cognac has a soul, that soul is to be found in La Pouyade, and it is mirrored in this Vintage 1953, “Jean Fillioux” has been carefully tucked away just the right amount of time in the peace and quiet of our dark, damp cellars.
Discover for yourself this old vintage 1953, you’ll feel like entering an old stately home.
Bathed in a deep, amber-red glow, you’ll hesitate, feel a thrill of emotion, and then detect a perfume of dried flowers, a glass of old sherry.
You’ll step along a magnificient waxed parquet floor, sensing notes of old leather and incense. The rich aromas of gingerbread quince confit and toasted orange zest suddenly come to the fore. Hints of liquorice and sweet spices will linger in your memory after the door gently closes.
“Welcome to the majectic, unique world of La Pouyade”

For me, one word will come to my mind “Perfection”.