Jean Fillioux Cognac Seminar- Hong Kong-May 28th

Dear Cognac Lovers,

(My friend Airey Wong on the left side, behind her Jean Fillioux cognac Vintage 1990)

After this enormous show as Vinexpo Asia, the next day I had the chance to give a seminar regarding Cognac which is my roots and where my family is coming from to Hong Kong journalists and Ponti Food & Wine Cellar staff.

Seminar or product training about cognac is always for me a great joy to share what makes cognac so different compared to other brandies.

Jean Fillioux Cognac Vintage 1990, Cep D’Or, Très Vieux and Réserve Familiale

But, remember this Cognac is the best brandy in the world that money can buy, Yam Sing! MFM

Elite Selection W & S Booth-Vinexpo Asia- Hong-Kong- May 25th-27th

Dear Wines Lovers, Champagne Lovers, Cognac Lovers, Armagnac Lovers and Scotch Whisky Lovers,

For an event like this, a Wine & Spirits fair of this scale, it was most important to show you we were reliable in this huge market like Asia. That’s why we’ve decided to have a booth with our exclusive brands in Asia such as J-De Telmont champagne, Cuvelier Wines, Gelas armagnac, Jean Fillioux Cognac and Michel Couvreur whisky.

You will see our booth below divided into 4 sections.

-Cuvelier Wines & Grands Crus Classes Counter-

– J-De Telmont Champagne counter –

-Gélas Armagnac Counter-

On the front side of the booth was J-De Telmont champagne counter, then left side Gelas armagnac counter, right side Cuvelier wines counter and in the middle our VIP lounge where it was displayed Jean Fillioux cognac and Michel Couvreur Whisky.

– Jean Fillioux Cognac & Michel couvreur Whisky –

For us, we can admit this Vinexpo Asia HK was the most intense by number of visitors and business activities since the organization decided it will take place in Hong Kong. Of course, we were exhausted after these 3 days in a roll. Thanks again to all friends, chateaux owners and clients who visited us during the show.
Warm Regards. MFM

First J-De Telmont Signature Lounge & Bar in Hong Kong- May 26th

Dear Champagne Lovers,

(left to right: Pong, Olivier, Michel, Paul, Club Owner, Bertrand and Celine)

Since early May, there is the first signature lounge of De Telmont champagne in Hong Kong Island. On May 26th, we’ve stopped by to celebrate this opening of the first Champagne Bar.

(Left to right: Garry, Pong, Club Owner)

Great night and warm welcome, where De Telmont champagne was the only drink and champagne served that night. At the end, we opened a 1735 OR Vintage 1999 which is very unique for its taste and rare due to the small quantity produced every good vintage and aged in oak casks.




OR 1735 Vintage 1999

Many thanks and santé! MFM