Capital Magazine- February Issue 2010- De Telmont Champagne

Dear Champagne Lovers,

We are very pleased to anounce De Telmont champagne Grand Vintage has been chosen by Capital Magazine for their February issue.





De Telmont Grand Vintage Brut

a) Grape variety: 40% Chardonnay, 20% pinot Noir and 40% Menier.

b) Tasting: fine bubbles, a good mousse and an unbroken string of bubbles.
A buttery, brioche note can be discerned in the initial nose. When swirled, the nose is more developed and present, with almond and toasted bread notes and hints of aniseed, cinnamon and spices.
The attack is strong and sumptuously fresh, with an elegant subtlety. It has a good length in the mouth, when almond and spice (cinnamon) notes return with a hint of aniseed. A beautiful harmony!

c) Suggestion: This is a champagne for grand occasions, delightful as an aperitif and at the end of the meal.

d) Wine advocate rating: 92 points for Vintage 2001

Esquire Magazine – February Issue 2010 -De Telmont Champagne

Dear Champagne lovers,

We are pleased to show that Esquire Magazine have decided to feature De Telmont Champagne -Grand Rose for Valentine’s day!

Grand Rose- Brut

a) Variety of grapes: 85% Chardonnay and 15% Pinot Noir thus 15% are reserve wines.

b) Tasting:
-The color is raspberry pink with light salmon reflections. Nice, long-tasting mousse with fine bubbles.
– The initial nose reveals citrus fruit notes (grapefruit and lemon).
– When swirled, berry notes emerge (strawberry, raspberry and grape), with cherry eventually dominating.
– In the mouth, the taste buds really explode as if biting into a Morello cherry. There is a good attack with remarkable subtlety and an extraordinarily long finish.

c) Suggestion: A champagne for aperitifs, first courses and above all romantic moment!


Gelas Armagnac – video

Hello Armagnac Lovers,

Indeed, Armagnac is a pure and refined spirits that pleasure will convince you to buy.
In the link, you’ll see a video of Philippe Gélas, owner of Gélas house, explaining you what are the characteristics of his Armagnac and what makes his Armagnacs from Bas-Armagnac region the most recognized and undeniable the best you can find on the market nowadays!

Also, Gelas house is only house of Armagnac who can offer you the largest selection of vintages in stock from 1875 until today .  During the video, you will see him inside of one of his cellars, tasting with his master blender Dominique (on the left at the beginning) one this magnificient Armagnac direct from the oak cask.

Philippe, we’re listening. Please log on to the link below to enter to this great world:

Champagne De Telmont – Tasting of OR 1735 2000 & Consecration 2000

Dear Friends,

Early this February, I was in Champagne region. Bertrand, the owner of champagne house, prepared two surprises for me.
First surprise was at the end of the morning, we’ve tasted a vintage 1998 Brut. It was amazing and fantastic with a lot of freshness and a long finish. That was the first vintage that Bertrand made and we can in a way said a new style of J. De Telmont started.

In the afternoon that was the second, we did a comparison tasting between the two top cuvée prestige of J. De Telmont:

a) O.R. 1735 Brut 2000
Nose: toasted, woody, brioche flavor.
Mouth: complexity, round, long finish.
It tastes like a wine if you decanted it will be even better.
My advice: 15 minutes in a ice bucket just before pouring and it will go very well on seafood.



b) Consecration Brut 2000
Nose: light and discrete.
Mouth: fresh, elegant with a great finesse.
My advice:  it will be a great combination with white meat.