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Dear Whisky Lovers,

Back around mid-March in Burgundy, I had the privilege to visit and to stay at our Michel Couvreur’s place.

We decided to start over by a tasting of 6 whiskies with Michel Couvreur and Jean-Arnaud Frantzen:

1- Overaged Malt Whisky, 43% alc/vol:

nose: smooth, suave and smokey.
mouth: round, floral and powerful.
remark: blending of an incredible selection of single malts aged between 12 and 27 years old. Excellent for aperitive on the rocks.


2- The Transition, 45% alc/vol (20 years old):

nose: floral and hints of vanilla (coming from its american cask)
mouth: liquorice, doloroso, aniseed and very long after taste.
remark: after dinner drink with a churchill.




3- Fleeting Single Cask, 45% alc/vol, 750 btls only (15 years old, distilled in September 27th 1993):

nose: toasty, woody and vanilla
mouth: long finish and menthol taste.
remark: great served straight or with ice cube.



4- Blossoming Auld Sherried, 45% alc/vol, single cask whisky (over 17 years old) :

nose: round, spices (peppar)
mouth: mellow, fresh, souple and concentrated.
remark: very similar as old rum or a good whiskey from Tenessee.



5- The Very Sherried, 45% alc/vol (over 26 years old):

nose: creamy and smooth mouth: a lot of finesse and well-balanced
remark: a perfect fit with a nice torpedo Cuban cigar.



6- Dis’closure, Malt, single cask whisky, 50% alc/vol (10 years old):

nose: iodine flavor and very parfumed
mouth: Liquorice, heavy but very mild and very nice finish.
remark: after lunch drink.



Thanks again for your hospitality at Bouze-les-Beaunes!!!

Small owners of Armagnac by Gelas House

Dear Connoisseurs,

Early March, I went to see Philippe Gélas in Gers county to discuss more about his selection of different domains called Gelas Estates in Armagnac region.

We started our tasting with Dominique Marsan (Master Blender of Gélas house) by:

– Domaine du Bruch (vintage 1990, 48.8% alc/vol) 100% Ugni Blanc, unchilfiltered and bottled in 2002:nose: splendid with some hints of cacao and caramel
mouth: some spices at the beginning, liquorice, candied fruit and long finish
remark: great for aperitive

– Domaine du Moussoulet (vintage 1989, 48.1% alc/vol) 50% Baco and 50% Ugni Blanc, small batch, natural cask strenght and bottled in 2007:

nose: smokey, creamy and thick
mouth: almond, liquorice, nice start but goes up after and reveal all its finesse.
remark: excellent with a chocolate dessert.

Domaine de Lacaze (vintage 1982, 45,4% alc/vol) 50% Ugni Blanc and 50% Colombard and bottled in 1999:

nose: round and mellow
mouth: very well balanced and extremely on the roundness.
remark: after dinner drink with an excellent Cuban robusto or double corona.

– Domaine de La Prade (vintage 1983) 100% Ugni Blanc, Tenareze growing area and bottled in 2000:
nose: curry and prune
mouth: floral as rose flower and light rancio
remark: after lunch drink with a Dominican robusto

I would like to thank again Philippe for his warm welcome. Santé!