Back to Michel Couvreur atmosphere in Burgundy/ October 2007

Dear Whisky connoisseurs and friends,

I should say back to Michel Couvreur’s land instead of Burgundy region even if Michel Couvreur’s house is located not too far from Beaune city.

(above Michel Couvreur and myself just before going down to his cellar)

I had the privilege to visit him a couple days there in mid-October. Mr. Michel Couvreur kindly invited me to stay in his lovely guest house just above the cellars. Do not ask me, but at night is almost a travel to Scotland because all the ingredients are combined to feel it. (see below)

Next day, we made a special selection with Mr.Couvreur for a tasting conducted by Mr.Jean-Arnaud Frantzen(head taster, on the left) and assisted by Mr.Cyril Deschamps (son-in-law of Mr.Michel Couvreur, on the right)

First, we started with 10 years old “Fleeting Single Cask”.

Nose: roasted, vanilla, floral and fresh
Taste: elegant, round and good start with a long finish.
I will definitely recommand this one during Spring season.

Second, it was the “Blossoming auld sherried”, 18 years old.




Nose: floral, aromatic and fruity
Taste: old cognac, very long in the mouth and touch of quince at the end.
I will say we are getting to another stratosphere.



Third, extreme and magnificient “For Ever Young Pristine, 35 years old”

Nose: light amber, floral and blond tobacco
Taste: finesse, great finish with a long aftertaste.
I will give one word to this whisky “Quintessence”
I almost forgot during our tasting I did ask to Mr.Couvreur and to Mr.Frantzen if they had something extremely special and unique they never offered to anybody. And, I had the honor to sip from the Cask 69 (April 1969) Malt whisky of 38 years old, (see below). I will keep for me my tasting notes on this one due to its rarety but I would only add it is strickly coming from Mr.Couvreur paradise cellar.

 I would like to thank again Mrs. Couvreur and Mr.Couvreur and their team for their always warm welcome.

Cheers in Bouze-les-Beaune!