Vinexpo/June 2007

Dear all,

Here, it was taking place in Bordeaux city from June 17-21 the world famous wine and spirits exhibition “Vinexpo 2007”. Four of our producers/suppliers were presented during these five days. It was great to host our customers and to meet new ones. You’ll notice too I have personally given a brief recap of each houses below:

1- De Telmont Champagne House (Hall 3.V346)

Family house in the grande Champagne tradition since 4 generations, Champagne J. De Telmont proposes cuvées of an exceptional quality, due to a constant search for perfection and experience of vines and wines.

Cuvée O.R. 1735 (Vintage 1997)

2- Gélas Armagnac House (Hall 3. T321)

Gélas created in 1865 is the specialist of vintage Armagnacs and it presented a range of fine wine spirits from the Bas-Armagnac and Tenareze regions.

3- H.Cuvelier & Fils/Vignobles & Signature (Hall 1. A97)

The H. Cuvelier & Fils company distributes, both in France and all over the world, on an exclusive basis, the CUVELIER properties: Chateau Le Crock and Chateau Moulin Riche,
as well as classified growths and a middle range Chateaux.


Gelas armagnac/June 2007

Dear Connoisseurs,

Here, we are at Gelas house founded in 1865 by Baptiste Gélas, Pierre’s grandfather. Going back to Mr.Philippe Gelas father’s, we can say he had youthful energy and enthusiasm to go on when he went up to Paris, following World War II, to open a distribution agency.

Then , following the retirement of Louis, his father joined Gersoise Company in 1952. Passionate about wine, Pierre in the sixties decided to innovate by carrying a complete range of wines from all over France. He is the first winemaker-merchant to present a range of Armagnacs from 25 different producers. All bottled on the estates where they are produced, these Armagnacs are 100% folle blanche and 100% baco 22A.

Early June, Mr.Philippe Gélas (Pierre son’s) and president of Gélas Company today invited me to discover more about his family and his armagnac in Vic-Fezensac. (above)

Paradise cellar

Tasting room.





For instance, we had the privilege to taste an old vintage selection 1908, 1927, 1937, 1957 and 1967 below, we can call it a nice treatment.

3 years ago, Mr. Philippe Gélas launched a selection of 3 types of Armagnac made from one variety of grapes at 100% : Folle Blanche, Ugni Blanc and Baco with an ageing of 18 years old

After this wondeful passage in Gers county, I would like to thank Mr. Gélas for his warm welcome and Santé!!!
Michel FM